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Лазерний перфоратор

Лазерний перфоратор

Автор ivv59915
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Лазерний перфоратор. Сергій Н. Кияниця, Юрій Е. Безродний, Сергій Б. Кононов, Віта В. Іванова. Proceedings of SPIE Vol. 3888 (2000).
Ключові слова: С02-laser, laser perf
Лазерний перфоратор. Сергій Н. Кияниця, Юрій Е. Безродний, Сергій Б. Кононов, Віта В. Іванова. Proceedings of SPIE Vol. 3888 (2000). Laser equipment for the perforation of documents and securities is presented. This laser perforator (LP) differs by extendend precision of perforation, high processing velocity, perfected automatic control. LP's operation is based on the preliminary theoretical and experimental research of laser irradiation and paper or/and organic tissue interaction. The results of C02-laser irradiation action upon different materials and samples of documents allowed to determine system requirements toLP. Developed LP is destined for perforation of paper documents with jackets with total thickness from 0,5 to 4 mm. Processing document, LP makes more than 1 00 conical perforation holes that improve protection rate of document. LP guarantees perforation time less than 3 sec, document's blank positioning precision mm, laser beam positioning precision mm. Due to the system parameters optimization it became possible to eliminate a singeing of hole edge, that improved perforation quality Developed LP coiiists of laser-module, technological module, laser cooling module and automatic control system. Laser module includes continuous Q-switched C02-laser, scanner, power supply, controller, chopper. Technological module has X-Y-table, conveyer for blanks of documents, pneumatic block. Automatic control system, which includes two videocameras, illuminators, controller, PC, gives a possibility to control holes disposition in a matrix and to identify perforated number. Ключові слова: С02-laser, laser perforation, controller, paper processing, securities protection rate

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Лазерний перфоратор

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