International activity

The results of the execution of R&D, results of developments introduced into production:

Technical proposals for a joint venture for the production of nanocomposite cermet based X-ray tubes for medical and technical diagnostics;

Implemented - Harbin, China; 06.2015


Articles published in international journals

Богорош О.Т. Муравов С.О. Воронов С.О. Бубулис С.А. Гордійко Н.О., The study of ferroelectric thin films on silicon substrates. Journal of Measurements in Engineering, March 2013, Volume 1, Issue 1, ISSN 2335–2124, pp.23–27.


Participation in international conferences:

  1. Yudin, S.Voronov, A.Bogorosh. An avalanche of dislocations and spikes in electronic circuit boards. 3rd/2013 Международная конференция по прикладной механике, материалы и производственные (ICA3M 2013) 24-25 августа Далянь


International conference:

Богорош О.Т. Participation in the editorial board of the V international scientific conference "modern achievements in science and education" - October 4, 2011 Netanya, Israel