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Інституту фізики напівпровідників ім. В.Є. Лашкарьова НАН України

The Institute of Semiconductor Physics (ISP) of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine (NASU) has been established in 1960 on the basis of several departments and laboratories of the Institute of Physics of NASU. The deciding factor in this was that two scientific schools have been developed at the above subdivisions of the Institute of Physics and gained worldwide recognition by that time, namely, those headed by the Academicians of NASU V.E. Lashkaryov and S.I. Pekar. A commercial Special Bureau for Design and Technology (SBDT) with Pilot Production Department (PPD) is attached to ISP. ISP is engaged in fundamental investigations and scientific-technical works in the following areas: physics of semiconductors and semiconductor devices; semiconductor materials science; optics and spectroscopy; optoelectronics; sensorics; diagnostics and certification of semiconductor materials; infrared photoelectronics; liquid-crystal and electrolumines-cence facilities for display of information; high-temperature electronics; semiconductor solar power engineering. Top priority will be given henceforth to fundamental and applied investigations and developments along the following lines:

  • interaction between electromagnetic radiation and matter, semiconductor optics and photonics;
  • semiconductor materials science;
  • physics of low-dimensional structures;
  • optoelectronics and microelectronics;
  • technologies and materials for sensor and infrared engineering.

Since 1990 ISP was headed by Academician of NASU, Doctor Sci., Prof. S.V. Svechnikov, and since 2003 it is headed by Corresponding Member of NASU, Dr. Sci. (Physics-and-Mathematics) V.F.Machulin.

Contact us:
41, prospect Nauky, Kiev 03028,Ukraine
Phone: +380(44) 525-40-20
Fax: +380(44) 525-83-42

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