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Academic mobility

Each student who participates in academic mobility program or who leaves country for the purpose of passing the learning / training MUST to prepare relevant documents in time. If you have gone abroad without preparing documents or untimely submitted them to the department of academic mobility or arranged not fully, you will soon be expelled from university.


Depending on the period of study abroad, you may be granted academic leave or individual curriculum for registration of which you should appeal to the dean of the institute. Please carefully review the documents in their respective categories and, if you have any questions, department of academic mobility.


ATTENTION! Registration of documents may take some time, so we ask you to address this issue in advance. To place an order also takes time. 

 Dear students! Please be advised that applications Work and Travel, AU-PAIR and so on are NOT mobility and academic programs and are not subject to the procedure / right to provide an academic leave or individual curriculum.


Sending students abroad

When sending students to study / internship abroad the student must submit documents listed above no later than one week before the appropriate education or training.

After the release of order the student with the department / institute prepares academic leave or individual curriculum.

We emphasize that the new procedure for filing individual curriculum and academic holiday is issued in faculty / institute.


So, more about the procedure of preparing documents:

When you receive an invitation from a foreign host university,we urge you to submit to the department of department of academic mobility no later than one week before the training / internship:

  • application (sample of application) with visa - agreement with the head of department and dean / director of the institute or submission (sample of submission) of head of Department to prorector for scientific and pedagogical (educational direction) with visa – approval of dean / director of the Institute on sending students to study abroad or internships. Dates of departure and return, specified in the petition / application must match the actual dates that must meet the mark of crossing the border in the passport (if traveling in the summer - the date of departure is September 1 this year, the date of return is only the date on the ticket back to Ukraine ).
  • original or certified copy * of invitation to study in foreign university or to a scientific institution and its certified translation ** into Ukrainian.
  • a copy of agreement in which the studying / training is conducted, within "KPI" mobility programs.

If you doubt the correctness of writing your application, please, before signing with the head of department and dean / director of the institute, send a scan or photo of your application in the suite or private messages in social networks

(https://vk.com/mobilnist_ntuu_kpi) in department of academic mobility. This will greatly facilitate the process of filing your documents.


* Copies of the invitation are assured by appropriate program coordinator of academic mobility in "KPI".

** Translation of invitation certifies language teacher in  "KPI" or translator of translation agency.