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Created July 18, 1997 by joint efforts of scientists and teachers NAS and " KPI ". Between 1997 and 2002, the department was headed by a famous scientist-a materials, first vice-president of NAS Shpak Anatoly Petrovich. Since 2002, the elected head of the department, Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor Sergey Voronov.
The main task of the department is to train specialists in the specialty "Applied Physics" (specialization "advance physics technologies" and "Physics of living Systems" ) commissioned by the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, and other scientific and educational institutions Ukraine. The department provides fundamental and professionally oriented training in physics and other disciplines the PTI. Supervisor of the department: prof. Voronov S.A.

Education , which gives the Department, based on the principles of physical and technical education system. Students receive thorough training in fundamental disciplines - physics, mathematics at the level of the relevant specialties of classical universities, and the exact same elevated level of training in foreign languages, information technology and so on. Teachers of the department developed and put about 30 modern vocational orientation and special disciplines, among them "Physics of Continuous Media", "Elektrodinamika continua", "Statistical Radiophysics and Optics", "Plasma Physics", "Solid State Physics", "Mathematical modeling physical processes and applications "," Symmetry in physics "," X-ray methods of research "," methods for studying the properties of substances, "" Quantum Electronics "," Optoelectronics "," Fundamentals of general biology and biochemistry "," Fundamentals of Biophysics "," Biophysics complex systems "," Synergy "," Nonlinear optics "," Technology and application of nanostructures "," Quantum Chemistry "," Physics and Chemistry of surfaces "," New materials and substances, "" Physical Kinetics "," infrared electronics "," local research methods "," Physical material "," physics of disordered systems "," integrated and fiber optics. "