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Topics of Bachalor thesis of group FF-11

Topics of bachalor thesis of students of group FF-21 (graduation in 2015)

Basarab Mykhailo

Thesis titled: Diminazene’s functional profile: modulation of ASIC’s receptors in rat amygdala neurons.

Vashchenkov Oleh

Thesis titled: Calcium signaling in pancreatic acinar cells.

Potseluiev Vasyl

Thesis titled: Study of neuron excitability in somatosensory system.

Svydenko Serhii

Thesis titled: pH-sensitivity correlative parameters of asics receptors in rat amygdala excitatory synapses.

Tuholukov Andrii

Thesis titled: Real-time application of synchronization parameters analysis algorithms for neuronal synaptic events.

Sharko Daniil

Thesis titled: The electrical activity of cultured rat superficial superior colliculus neurons.

Shpylovyi Volodymyr

Thesis titled: Quantum release of glutamate and glycine at synapses of rat primary afferent neurons on the dorsal horn neurons in co-culture.

Denysiuk Bohdan

Thesis titled: Investigation of the structure and properties of powders and films (micro and nanoscale) of Heusler alloys NiMnGa.

Kazydub Bohdan

Thesis titled: Properties of momentum flux at giant monopole resonance in heavy nuclei.


Thesis titled: Changes of calcium signals in response to high frequency stimulation in cultured hippocampal neurons.


Thesis titled: Surface charge impact in nonsynaptic model of epilepsy in rat hippocampus.


Thesis titled: Optical properties of thin films of chalcogenide glass and multilayer nanostructures based on their structure.

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